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Engineering Release & TDP

Model Based Definition, Engineering Release, and Technical Data Packages

Create and distribute secure, 3D PDF and HTML manufacturing release documents with associative 3D Product Manufacturing Information and Geometric Dimensions, and Tolerances (GD&T).

First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection, FAI

Automate the production of 3D inspection documents derived from model-based definition data.

Work Instructions

Work Instructions and Process Planning Applications

Publish animated 3D PDF and HTML-based work instructions and process planning applications that can be deployed over network network or to the shop floor.

VR, Visualization, Planning

Virtual Prototyping, Visualization and VR

Convert and optimize large, heavy, complex 3D CAD models for use in a wide variety of visualization, VR, virtual prototyping, and visual planning applications.

About Anark

Anark CorporationAnark provides highly effective engineering and manufacturing software solutions for the industry's most innovative manufacturers embracing the power and efficiency gained from Model Based Enterprise (MBE) practices and technologies.

Anark helps market leaders such as General Electric, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, NASA, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, and the US Department of Defense successfully unlock the potential of their 3D CAD assets and manufacturing information to improve and accelerate product development, reduce material waste, and to collaborate and communicate more effectively and securely with their suppliers and customers.

Anark empowers its customers to Unleash the Model Based Enterprise.

Anark Core Platform

Anark Core 3Anark Core is an automated, easy to deploy enterprise software application that enables manufacturers to leverage valuable engineering design data and manufacturing information to deliver down-stream applications and documents, such as:

Anark Core is the only authoring and publishing solution available today that can provide completely accurate, high fidelity 3D PDF and 3D HTML engineering release and manufacturing process documents from virtually any CAD, PLM, or ERP data source.

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